2015 Sadr Foundation ECIL Gala Dinner

2015 Sadr Foundation ECIL Gala Dinner
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About ECIL and mission: ECIL: Early Childhood Intervention, Lebanon A Subsidiary of IMAM SADR FOUNDATION – serving humanity for over 50 years. Under the umbrella of the IMAM SADR FOUNDATION a new project was developed to serve children with disabilities. Early intervention is a program for children age newborn to three years who have various developmental disabilities. The center strives to minimize growth delays and increase each child’s chances of reaching normal development milestones. Studies have shown the importance of early intervention to resolve challenges that arise in later stages of life. This kind of intervention will encourage the integration of the child in mainstream school/social system. ECIL – Early Childhood Intervention (Lebanon) works on building and improving all kinds of child competencies (motor, intellectual, communicative, social, emotional and life) in their first three years of life. As most studies emphasize tIMG_5091he usefulness of early intervention in this age group, the center also works to improve the capacity of parents through guidance, support and training, especially for children with disabilities, whether treated individually or through the involvement of parents in training and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation facilities of Imam Sadr Foundation perceived this truth, and, consequently, established ECIL (Early Childhood Intervention center – Lebanon) in Beirut, contributing to enhance the opportunities for these children to enjoy a decent life, and trying to qualify them for a better social integration.

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